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A Timely Boost for Moscaritolo

Former Upper East Side Assembly Member Pete Grannis announced Thursday he would be endorsing Kim Moscaritolo for City Council in District 5, citing her long history of leadership in the community.

The endorsement is a timely one – coming right as New Yorkers will be able to start casting their ballots during the early voting period, which begins Saturday – and adds to the existing support Moscaritolo has received from other UES leaders, including state Sen. Liz Kreuger, Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright, and former District 5 Council Member Jessica Lappin.

“Kim Moscaritolo will make a great Council Member who I know will be readily available to her constituents, an essential hallmark of being a good representative,” Grannis said in a statement. “She’s incredibly passionate about local neighborhood issues, and I encourage voters to rank her #1 on June 22nd.”

Read the full article HERE.

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