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BOE Ledgers

Updated: Apr 11

For years I've been advocating for the Board of Elections to post the most recent designating ledgers (the documents that tell you who has filed so far to run in the upcoming primary election) on their website. Currently, the only way to see this document is to either travel down to the BOE office, or constantly email a staffer at the BOE for the most recent version.

They haven't yet heeded my advice, so until they do, I'm happy to host the ledger here on my site. I'll request the ledger a few times a day and post the most recent version here. A few reminders: these documents tend to have typos - the BOE staff work diligently to input the information, but sometimes they make mistakes. So,  if you see an incorrect address or name spelling, but you know it was correct on your submitted materials, don't freak out. They will eventually fix it.

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