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Protecting Workers

Protecting Our First Responders


The strain placed on our first responders, and the courage and professionalism they’ve shown throughout this crisis, has driven home the value of these front line positions.


As Council Member, I will:

  1. Fight for equal pay for EMS workers. Currently they are paid 20-40 percent less than other first responders. We must close that gap and pay these heroes a fair wage.

  2. Demand that all first responders have access to necessary protective gear. This is vitally important, both for the health and safety of workers, and for the health of those they’re helping.

  3. Push for more mental health support for all first responders to help them deal with the daily trauma they experience.

Protecting Transit Workers


Over 40 transit workers have died from COVID-19 related complications since this crisis began, more than all first responders combined.


As Council Member, I will:

  1. Demand that NYC Transit provide all transit workers with necessary protective gear.

  2. Insist that the MTA appoint a health expert to determine which transit workers are high-risk and direct those workers to stay home.

  3. Fight for billions in federal funding for New York’s transit system, which has seen a 93 percent drop in ridership since the crisis began.

Stronger Worker Protections for All


So many people in this city continue to work, despite not technically being considered “front line”. We need to ensure that we’re protecting all workers.


As Council Member, I will:

  1. Make sure we’re enforcing whistleblower protections for all workers, to ensure that any employers risking the health and well-being of their employees are exposed.

  2. Draft legislation to crack down on the exploitation of “gig workers” by companies.

  3. Fight to protect the rights of immigrant workers, both documented and undocumented, and crack down on abuse and exploitation.

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