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Any vision for NYC must include a bold and comprehensive plan for transportation that takes into account our city’s changing demographic and climate landscape. The city should follow best practices in design, enforcement, and policy to maximize public safety for all New Yorkers, focus on resiliency and adaptability, and put public space to its best use.  


Build Better Infrastructure

  • Create a network of truly protected bike lanes

  • Restore funding to the Green Wave plan

  • Prioritize pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure on the city's bridges

  • Expand the Open Streets initiative


Invest in Public Transportation

  • Restore 24-hour subway service

  • Create more busways

  • Electrify our bus fleet

  • Commit real resources to the MTA’s Capital Plan

  • Increase Accessibility

Reduce Congestion

  • Incentivizing businesses to receive deliveries during off hours

  • Creating dedicated loading and unloading zones

  • Establish a residential parking permit system


Demand Accountability

  • Properly fund of the Dangerous Vehicle Abatement Act

  • Keep bus lanes dedicated to buses and to improve bus service

  • Crack down on placard abuse

  • Reform crash scene investigations

As the city begins to recover from this awful pandemic, we have an opportunity to completely reimagine our streets in a way that makes travel easier for pedestrians, public transit riders, and cyclists alike. We cannot be a 21st century city without investing in our transportation infrastructure, for ourselves and for future generations.

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