Small Businesses

COVID-19 Response


The COVID-19 pandemic has been catastrophic for our local small businesses. Businesses that were already operating on extremely thin margins have now lost most, or in some cases all, of their revenue.

As Council Member, I will:

  1. Demand that insurance companies honor their business interruption policies.

  2. Push legislation to cap fees by third party vendors, such as Seamless and GrubHub, at no more than 10 percent.

  3. Work with our local Member of Congress to ensure the federal government is adequately funding and administering small business relief efforts.


Elimination Unnecessary Bureaucracy


Regulations are important, and necessary to protect consumers, but many small businesses owners are overwhelmed by the amount of red tape.


As Council Member, I will:

  1. Work to reform the city's letter grade system to give small businesses owners the opportunity to address certain violations before receiving a grade.

  2. Streamline the permit and licensing process for small business owners.

  3. Provide more resources for prospective business owners to help them better navigate the city's bureaucracy.

Address Rising Costs


A report issued by the New York City Comptroller in 219 found that between 2007 and 2017, retail rents rose by 22 percent, on average citywide. It also found that rising rents directly correlated to empty retail space.


As Council Member, I will:

  1. Negotiate with real estate developers to set aside retail space for small businesses.

  2. Work to reform the Commercial Rent Tax.

  3. Co-sponsor the Small Business Jobs Survival Act, which requires building owners to re-negotiate commercial leases in good faith.

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