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Roosevelt Island

Prioritize Residents' Transportation Needs

As a volunteer for last year's Cherry Blossom Festival, I witnessed first hand the ongoing issues facing residents of Roosevelt Island. The influx of visitors overwhelmed the Island's already inadequate transportation options, causing safety concerns and stranding people for hours. As Council Member, I will:

  • Work with residents to address transportation concerns, with a focus on ensuring that the needs of residents are prioritized

  • Explore tram and ferry options that allow Roosevelt Island residents to travel to and from work without having to constantly fight for space among visitors and tourists

  • Work with state representatives to improve existing transportation infrastructure, particularly the Roosevelt Island Bridge

Preserve Quality of Life

  • Ensure that Roosevelt Island residents are given priority to use the island's beautiful parks and fields, rather than prioritizing other leagues and teams

  • Work with state representatives to preserve affordable housing options, and to preserve and expand the presence of small businesses along Main Street

  • Provide resources for important community resources, including the Roosevelt Island Disabled Association, after school programs, art and music programs, sports leagues, and local cultural and historic institutions

Protect the Environment

Roosevelt Island is a unique and beautiful place, due in large part to the plant and wildlife on the Island. As Council Member, I will:

  • Build upon the work of the Wildlife Freedom Federation to protect animals on the island, including the beloved cat sanctuary

  • Work with RIOC to ensure that the island is protected from storm surges and other extreme weather events

  • Support local groups like the Haki Compost Collective and others in their efforts to promote sustainability on the island

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