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Arts & Culture

Arts and culture is part of what make New York City so special. We must do everything in our power to protect these institutions.

COVID-19 Recovery

Independent theater and music venues have been decimated by the COVID crisis. In these uncertain times, we need to get creative. We should:

  • Allow permits for outdoor public performances

  • Support Congress’s Save Our Stages Act, which would provide grants to independent music and entertainment venues

  • Allow discounted utility rates for non profit theaters, similar to rates given to religious institutions

  • Support state legislation releasing the commercial renter from the majority of rent burden, and covering the landlord’s lost revenue with federal stimulus funds

Beyond COVID, we must also create and support policies that will preserve and expand cultural institutions: We should:

  • Support cultural exchange programs that connect organizations looking to work with international artists

  • Increase access to underutilized city-owned spaces

  • Create exchange workshops with public schools, senior centers and NYCHA residents for rehearsal/performance space in exchange for free classes and performances

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